Life On The Road

It isn’t always perfect…

Things go wrong – often. The car battery dies. The sink leaks. The indicators stop working. The fuel nozzle gets stuck. The engine overheats. You miss a turning. You get lost. You’re plans fail. You overspend. You have to find a job. You’re severely underpaid. You’re tired. You argue with each other because you’re tired. You cry. You get sick. You feel homesick. Your body aches. You have hay fever. The car is a mess. Your clothes are dirty. You need a shower. All you want is a bubble bath. You don’t want to eat another bowl of pasta. You’re always looking for something. Something spills in the fridge. You bang your head on the car – a lot. It’s too hot to sleep. It’s too cold to sleep. It rains when you’re camping. There are bugs everywhere. You get bitten by something. You run out of toothpaste. Or toilet roll.

But then…

You fix things. You make up with each other. You adapt. You smile. You laugh. You sing. You take photographs. You play cards. You write. You read books. You listen to music. You do yoga. The sun shines. You eat fresh mangoes. You stumble upon places you never expected. You meet amazing people. You visit waterfalls, beaches, rainforests, deserts and mountains. You visit small towns and big cities. You talk about everything. You drink wine and eat cheese. You watch movies together. You put the fairy lights on. You lie under the brightest stars you’ve ever seen. You watch the sunset over the ocean. You go swimming. You do handstands underwater. You watch dolphins surfing. You look for koalas and wombats in the wild. You celebrate special occasions in small ways. You visit country pubs. You cherish a cold beer. You play pool. You meet the locals. You go somewhere new – everyday. You visit family. You meet up with old friends. You make new friends. Strangers are kind to you. You have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. You learn to appreciate the little things. You make the most of what you have. You realise that, actually, life on the road is pretty wonderful. You wouldn’t change a thing.


The highs – feeling on top of the world in The Grampians!


And the lows – day one of the trip and we get the fuel nozzle stuck – oops!

Life on the road isn’t always easy – but when times get tough, just take a look around and remind yourself how lucky you are to be able to explore the world like this! We’ve learnt so much along the way about ways to improve our road trip, how to make things easier for ourselves and most importantly how to laugh when things do (inevitably) go wrong! Happy travels – and don’t forget to pack emergency toilet roll somewhere! 🙂

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