The best thing about Perth

As the capital city and my current home, it’s only right that I start my one woman ‘Visit WA’ campaign with sunny Perth. We’ve established that it’s the most isolated city on earth, which admittedly sounds rather alarming, but with all this space… just think of all the room for activities!

Perth is many things – one thing it is NOT is LAZY. I can’t think of a single reason that would deter half the population of Perth from their morning exercise routine (except, maybe, rain – people here can’t cope with rain). The active lifestyle may not be for everyone, but the amount of action that goes on here is commendable. I can visualise alarm clocks far and wide ringing at 6 am prompting all of the Perth go-getters to roll out of bed, jump into their workout gear and begin their selected activity of the day.

There’s plenty of things that Perth can improve on, but one thing this city has taught me is how to embrace activity of any kind. You have no choice. Most of the time, the sun is shining and you feel guilty being indoors. The rest of the time, the enthusiasm of Perth locals will encourage you to seize the day. You’ve got yummy mummies going to yoga classes, buff dads taking their dog for a run along the beach, outdoor boot camps in your local park, surfing groms at the beach, water sports fanatics in the river… there is activity everywhere you look.

The people of Perth breathe in every inch that the day has to offer them. Sometimes that involves a morning surf; sometimes it involves sunset yoga on the beach. Either way, Perth locals know how to make the most of their time.

Read on to find out SEVEN awesome activities you can try in Perth:

1. Just recently, I tried a boxing class at Hurt Locker Gym for the first time. It was one of the most intense workouts of my life and my arm movements are extremely limited today. It was fun, challenging and a massive stress-buster. If you prefer an indoor workout during the colder months, or enjoy the structure of a gym routine, Perth has you covered.

2. I used to practice yoga in small, indoor basement studios. When you’ve got a climate like Perth’s, you have the freedom to take your yoga classes outdoors! Beach Pilates & Yoga offer outdoor classes in Scarborough, City Beach and Swanbourne.


Nothing like a morning stretchhh!

3. Stand-up paddle boarding, or the ever-so-cool Australian abbreviation ‘SUP’, is my weapon of choice when it comes to water sports. It may look idyllic (and it can be) but it can also be a really great workout for your core. You can hire a board for 1 hour ($30) or a full day ($60) from Elemental SUP. It’s worth getting a lesson to improve your technique and make the most of it (as Perth locals do).

4. It’s the classic Aussie stereotype, so it’s got to go on the list. Whether you’re a surfing pro or a complete beginner, there are plenty of surf spots to choose from in and around Perth. The more experienced surfers might fancy a trip to the nearby Rottnest Island, while newbies and novices can try lessons with Surf School or Go Surf Perth.


Life’s better on the beach, right Phil?

5. Step one: befriend someone who owns a boat. Step two: bag an invite onto said boat. Step three: get on the boat. Everyone knows one of the best ways to get around is by boat, right? The Swan River is big, blue and beautiful – make the time to head out on a boat trip while you’re in Perth and you might be lucky enough to spot some dolphins! If you can’t find a boat friend, check out some of the organised trips on offer.

6. If you thought lawn bowling was an activity for the elderly, think again! This outdoor activity is super popular with young crowds in Perth (possibly because of the cheap beer pitchers!) It’s a great way to meet some locals while trying something new. Find your local bowls club and head down to the next public session.

7. The ocean is the beating heart of Perth, so why not become one with underwater life and try your hand at snorkelling? There are some beautiful spots to snorkel at Rottnest, Trigg and nearby Rockingham. You can rent your gear here.


Locals love visiting Rottnest Island for snorkelling and surfing trips

There you have it – if you try one of these activities every day this week, you might just blend in with the Perth locals…


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